Marc Tragler

Playing music on WXBQ is not the only thing Marc Tragler is passionate about. He loves cooking. In fact, Trags studied to be a professional chef at the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts before he got the radio bug. He also loves movies. He can endlessly talk about movie trivia, actors, and who starred in which movie with whom. Tragler enjoys acting, too, and had a role in “The Dark Half” starring Timothy Hutton and “Darrow” with Kevin Spacey. He also worked on the TV Movie “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” which starred Martin Sheen.

Tragler grew up in Akron, Ohio, but began his radio career here in the Tri-Cities. After working at a couple of stations here, he moved to Charleston, West Virginia, to work for Bristol Broadcast Company’s stations there.

Now he’s back working with the Rabbit Station Gang entertaining WXBQ listeners. When he’s away from work, Trags spends his time “watching movies, cooking, and playing with my four beautiful kids!”

Enjoy the ride home with Tragler! Listen 3pm to 7pm and you’ll get lots of fun and tons of Twenty-Four Carrot Country!